January 11, 2019
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Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that you will give up keeping fit and active!  Winter is the season for some of our favorite sporting activities, and when you are donning your protective gear, don't forget to protect your teeth as well.

BASKETBALL. This sport actually tallies as one of the highest counts of dental injuries. Running, jumping, and diving for the ball can lead to tooth and jaw injuries.

HOCKEY. Notorious for the toll that it takes on teeth, hockey is a game of sticks, ice, and whizzing pucks. The more protection the better.

SKIING. When you are flying down the slopes, combining powdery snow and speed, mouth protection just makes since.

WRESTLING. Grappling and pinning in close quarters can lead to unintended injuries after accidental contact with the mat or your opponent.

Different uniforms, different equipment, and different playing fields, but all of these sports hove one thing in common--the need for mouth protection- and the easiest way to protect your teeth while playing them is with a mouthguard.  Call our office at 918-455-0123 to learn more or to make an appointment!

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