February 08, 2018
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The third molars have long been known as your "wisdom teeth," because they are the last teeth to erupt from the gums - usually sometime during the late teens to early twenties.  This is a time in life that many consider an "age of wisdom": hence the term, "widsom teeth."

Of course, removing the third molars does not have any effect on your actual fact, holding on to them can't make you any smarter, either!  So if you somehow feel that you became wiser and smarter when your wisdom teeth appeared, chalk it up to age rather than teeth.

Truth is, understanding the reasons why it is in your dental best interest to have your wisdom teeth removed, may be the best way to show just how smart you really are. Mankind once relied on the wisdom teeth to replace other teeth that had become damaged or missing, mostly because of a poor diet and a lack of preventive dental care in the past. But dietary changes and advances in modern dentistry make it possible for many people to maintain their teeth for many decades or even life, which eliminated the need for third molars.  Statistically, if a person has all of their teeth, most patients do not have enough space for their wisdom teeth to fully erupt.  A partially exposed tooth has a very high incidence of infection and decay.  Furthermore, if the wisdom tooth is fully erupted, maintenance usually becomes a problem because of their position in the mouth, making them very difficult to reach with a toothbrush and floss, which lends to the development of decay and gum disease, especially in the fifth decade of life.  Unfortunately, the recovery time from a wisdom tooth extraction in your fifties is much longer than if it had been removed in your youth.

For many people, wisdom teeth cause nothing but problems: becoming impacted, irritating surrounding gum tissue, or even causing other teeth to become more crooked or overlapped.  By removing them, patients often enjoy a lower risk of decay, infection, and cosmetic complications.

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